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In affiliation with the following:

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Featuring our titanium grade jewelry, exclusively by International Body Jewelry!


Welcoming our special guest: Senior Piercer, Kimberly Rowan!

February 21st - March 6th

Book now, as space is limited!

Viper Bites $80+.webp
Daith $45+.webp
top or bottom navel $45+.webp
Monroe $45+.webp
Snake Bites $80+.webp
Micro Dermal 1-$55 or 2-$80.webp
Industrial $55+.webp
Bridge - Erl $55+.webp
Lip $45+.webp

We will continue to offer piercing services after March 6th!

Located at:

75-5719 Ali'i Dr. #1B

Tuesday - Saturday: 12pm to 9pm

Shop Phone: 808-498-0471

Direct line to a piercer: 808-341-7971 or 757-469-6641

See reverse side for our piercing menu and pricing!

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