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Marlon Borges
Marlon Borges was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil.
He trained in Brazil and USA before becoming a full time tattoo artist.
In 2017 he started tattooing in Boston, MA  in a private studio.
In 2019 moved to the Big Island and since then has built a good reputation on the island.
Marlon offers a wide variety of tattoo styles. His tattoos can feature bold lines, fine lines, or realistic shading without outlines, black and gray shading and lasting color saturation.
Marlon is a perfectionist and will work with you to create a tattoo that you will love for the rest of your life.
Marlon specializes in:
Trtaditional tattoos: Created in the effect of vintage tattoos for simplicity of design. They typically are resolved around bold lines and solid colors.
Neo-Traditional tattoos: follow the same principles as traditional, but includes fine lines, more realistic shading and dimension as opposed to block colors
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