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Tristan Reyes

    Tristan was born on Oahu, Honolulu, and was raised in Kailua-Kona. He has been tattooing in Kailua-Kona, for the past 16 years before working with Tattoo Valor in Hilo. He was mentored in tattooing by Rockwood, owner of Big Island Tattoo. Going through his apprenticeship with Rockwood, taught him well, the necessary standards expected by the DoH, tattoo and body piercing aftercare, business etiquette, and professionalism needed to become, and continue to be a solid tattoo artist and body piercer. 

He has recently moved to Hilo in May of 2022, and wants to continue his path as a tattoo artist and body piercer, while at Tattoo Valor.

Tristan started his career in body piercing back in February of 2018, prior to the pandemic. He was mentored by Kimberly Rowan, senior piercer and founder of Finder's Keepers Body Piercing, and International Body Jewelry, located in Chesapeake and Norfolk, VA. Being that Kimberly had a degree in metallurgy, Tristan was taught to only use high grade material for body piercing. F136 titanium jewelry was just that. Non-allergenic, and durable, clients seek him out, not just for his steady hand, but for the quality of his products and aftercare. Tristan is proud to be the in-house piercer for Tattoo Valor, Hilo!

Tristan, although first taught how to tattoo Americana/Old School, lettering, and bold line work tattoos; he now specializes in Polynesian, minimalist, color, watercolor, Disney, Marvel, and other comic book/anime tattoos. He aspires to learn and perfect some other styles of tattooing like portrait, realism, geometrical, and embroidery tattoos, while near his colleagues at Valor.

Lastly, Tristan is also aspiring to become the Big island's first tattoo and piercing supplier. Now that the pandemic has changed everything, the pace at which he can achieve the goal of "tattoo/piercing supplier" has down shifted. He hopes that with working at Tattoo Valor, and investing in his business (Pacific Island Ink Tattoo Supply) that he will expand his horizons on the market for becoming a island wide, reputable, supplier for his industry.

You can reach Tristan on his Instagram and website:


You may also contact him on his mobile:

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