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Monthly Tattoo Specials!

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Starting March 17th, all tattoos with the color GREEN are $40 off!

Foolish ink month. Any silly and foolish, custom tattoo ideas will be given a $20-$50 discount! YOLO!

Instant $50 savings for all Mothers, and any tattoo paying tribute to "mom" or memorial of someone. 

Instant $50 savings for all Fathers, and any tattoo paying tribute to "dad". 

$50 off all patriotic tattoos! $100 off for US flag tattoos.

All Clown, Tiki, and Sun or Sunset tattoos are $50 off!

Back to school month; All tattoo lettering is 25% off the full price!

Ironman symbol $20 off, but FREE for race finishers! $50 off all horror or halloween themed ink!

All first timers and first time with a color tattoo, will recieve 25% off the full price!

All matching tattoos: buy one, get the next at 50% off. Tattoos with hearts are $50 off!

Valid military veterans will receive $50 off! After "Black Friday", All Black ink tattoos are $30 off!

Our $100 Gift Certificates are now discounted at $50! Happy Holidays! Melekalikimaka!

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